Monday, August 3, 2009

I am Subeena.

An ordinary woman with a passion for cooking and feeding. I believe in the art of cooking. It is a colorfully crafted art where you mix the elements with balance and attention. Love is another factor that makes it all the more tastier.  Putting my whole heart filled with love into it, I cook, We eat, and I enjoy the smile it puts on the face of others. Although not at all professional in cooking, through error and terror I am still learning. This is a live recipe book for my own reference where I keep my every day meals and combos. My apologies  in advance for any listed dishes that are not palatable to your tongue. Most recipes are of personal origin while others are borrowed from family, friends, and the web. My sincere thanks to my dear husband who has been an inspiration and aspiration all through the years. Eating with an open mind allows me to welcome other cuisines whenever possible and to enjoy the awakening of my taste buds.


  1. Dear Mrs. Subeena,

    I loved your recipes. They seem very simple and doable. Keep posting more.